Beluga lentils with fig and goat cheese

It's often curious with culinary childhood memories. Sometimes they take us to create some new recipes with basic ingredients. And at the end we have on our plates yummy stuff but absolutely different to the old fashioned base. The same it was with our recipe for the appetizer we want to show you today.


Torsten's granny had a fix schedule for her meals. E.g. on Saturdays she served cooked potatoes with marinated herring, potato fritters or in the autumn soup of lentils. All of those dishes we do still love and are happy each time Torsten's mom cooks them after granny's recipe. And granny is happy also ;-).


When we had granny's lentil soup a few weeks ago we thought of creating a modern dish with lentils and more yummy stuff ... this recipe came out of that process!


Please see what we developed ;-).


Belugalinsen mit Feige und Ziegenkäse _ Vorspeise _ Rezept

For 6 persons prepare the following:

250 g beluga lentils

1 roll goat cheese


italian parsley

6 fresh figs

for the cold dressing and the fig paste:

150 g greek yoghurt

2 tbsp hot mustard

1 tsp honey

50 ml milk

1 tsp pumpkin seed oil

1 1/2 tsp cumin

1 tsp salt

1 garlic clove, pressed

2 fresh figs

6 tsp red fig mustard

Belugalinsen mit Feige und Ziegenkäse _ Vorspeise _ Rezept
  • in a bowl mix well the ingredients (yoghurt to garlic) to a dressing
  • in a small bowl mix the fruit flesh of the 2 figs with fig mustard - both put aside
  • remove a bit of the top of the 6 figs, crosswise incise them, unfold a bit and put to a baking tray with baking paper (open side up)
  • preheat the oven to 200°C
  • cook the lentils in a pot with the triple quantity of water for around 30 minutes
  • 4 minutes after the lentils began to cook, put the figs into the oven and bake vor 13 minutes
  • meanwhile crumble the cheese into a bowl and decorate the border of  your plates with fig paste
  • sieve the lentils (still firm to a bite) and place onto the plates - baste with dressing
  • set 1 baked fig each on the bed of lentils, give a little honey over them and divide the cheese over the lentils
  • garnish with parsley and some fig paste
Belugalinsen mit Feige und Ziegenkäse _ Vorspeise _ Rezept

Within 30 minutes you got on your table 6 great plates of a delicious starter and your guests will be exalted. Off course just, if they do like lentils, goat cheese and figs ;-)

Belugalinsen mit Feige und Ziegenkäse _ Vorspeise _ Rezept

And also if you did not schedule right and the lentils will get cold, it does not matter at all. You may serve this appetizer hot and cold. We do assure you. Just call it salad ;-).

We hope that you learned another way of doing a lentil dish and maybe you will do it also right now. For that we wish you all the best, fun and hope you will enjoy!


The guys