Savoy 'n Grain Salad

We already promised to create some recipes inspired by our great trip to New York and New England. Today we got another one for you ...


It was not really easy for us to find some fresh and healthy food for almost the same price as here in Germany. Although we did a lot of miles by foot we had to look for - otherwise our scale would have getting angry with us ;-)


In Boston, by the way a city we loved from the first view, we tried out a "real food"-chain with healthy foods and we were sure to do something like this at home also.


Ingredients for around 6 persons:

90 g cereal grains (we used spelt)

200 ml water


10 savoy leaves

1/2 avocado

1/2 apple

200 g goat cheese

1 pomegranate (seeds only)


6 tbsp pomegranate vinegar

3 tpsp rapeseed oil

100 ml water


  • let the grains soak in water overnight
  • bring the water to a boil and let them simmer for 15 minutes at a low temperature
  • take the pot off the heat and let the grains swell for 3 hours (closed cover)
  • then let them dip off
  • meanwhile remove the stalks of the savoy leaves and cut them into slices
  • pit the avocado
  • as you just need half of the avocado, slice into 18 pieces
  • remove the apple seeds and cut half of the apple also into slices 
  • slice the goat cheese into 12-18 parts
  • for the dressing in a small bowl mix vinegar, oil and water and season with salt and pepper
  • at last mix the almost dried savoy with the dressing and start arranging

Savoy should be the base on your plates. Then arrange all the other prepared ingredients on it.


What our easy and low-calorie recipe will have to do with a great food contest, we will let you know within the next days. Till then you may try to prepare our salad by yourselves. We hope that you and your loved ones do like it as we do ...


Have fun to taste this fresh and healthy salad.


The guys