german potao salad

"What should we bring with us to the next BBQ?" That's a question we often get asked if we're invited  somewhere ... the answer our best friend Fred usually gives is : Torsten's potato salad, of course!!


We have to admit it is nothing special or extraordinary. Torsten likes to have his potato salad with lots of flavor and with enough but not too much mayonnaise. Torsten thinks he is a bit traumatized when it comes to potato salad ... his granny Lore never made her Potato Salad (although with homemade mayonnaise) the way he wanted it. Usually everything granny made was super delicious, but her potato salad - sorry granny - wasn't that good. And he never got tired of letting her know that! ;)


Because of that he always tried to make the perfect german potato salad until he wrote down this recipe, and everyone loves it so we prepare this salad again and again...



You should have these ingredients:

1,5 kg waxy potatoes

300 g bacon, cubed

2 red oniona, fine cubed

500 ml broth

1 egg

1 egg yolk

100 ml olive oil

500 ml rapeseed oil 

1 tsp lemon juice 

1 tsp mustard

1 pinch chili flakes

1-2 dash vinegar

1-2 tsp sugar

salt & pepper

your favorit herbs(usually we change them from time to time ...)

  • first you cook the potatoes in the shell till they are ready, pour over some cold water, peel them and cut them in slices 
  • while the potatoes are cooking fry the bacon cubes in pan until they are really crispy and set aside
  • put half of the onions in the same pan and fry till they are golden and also put them aside
  • after you sliced the potatoes just fold in the broth and let it sit for a while 
  • for the mayonnaise give the eggs and the egg yolk into a high narrow vessel, put in your hand-held mixer and pour in the oils
  • put the mixer on and slowly work your way to the top so you get a solid texture
  • add all the other ingredients (spice up carefully - you still can season it a bit more afterwards)
  • drain off all the broth thats still in the bowl with potatoes
  • now put the bacon and all the onions over the potatoes and fold in the mayonnaise step by step
  • if there is still remaining some mayonnaise you can serve it as a dip

At our first attempts we didn't give broth over the potatoes. So we had to make the salad always a day earlier and needed too much mayonnaise. Now, after we prepare it like Sascha's mother told us you don't need so much time and can eat it right away.


Oh ... and if you don't have so much spices and herbs at home you can also get a really tasty mayonnaise ... just use a salad seasoning to spice up your mayonnaise.


So we definitely know what to bring with us to the next BBQ Party!


How do you make your potato salad? There are so many variations ... we want to know yours.

At the end everyone prepares it the way you like it the most ...


The guys

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    Gabi (Samstag, 23 Mai 2015 11:41)

    Das Rezept hört sich gut an. Werde diese Variante des Kartoffelsalates mal ausprobieren.