Perhaps you wonder where the hell we got blackberries at his time of the year?!

Torsten's mum always keeps all the fresh stuff from her garden in the freezer to enjoy it the whole year. One of her freezers just broke so all the delicious stuff had to be placed in other freezers...yeah, she has a lot of them ;)


So we found this gorgeous blackberries and we knew we ran out of jam. 

So check out our nice little recipe...


You need this ingredients:

1 kg blackberries

100 ml Mazzetti Bio Aceto Balsamico

500 g preserving sugar (2:1)

  • just let the berries boil down at low heat and pass them through a sieve
  • place the fruit puree (ca. 900g) , balsamico and sugar in a pot and bring it to a boil
  • let it boil for 4 minutes while constantly stirring and than put a little bit on a plate and check if it becomes solid, if not just boil a little bit longer
  • pour the jam in a jar, close it and put it upside down 
  • after it is cooled down you can flip it back


If you have a not enough puree after passing it through the sieve just fill it up with some juice or water so that you reach 1000 g with the balsamico. Otherwise the jam will become a bit more solid, but if you like that just work with less puree.

You might think the combination of blackberries and balsamic seems a bit odd ... we thought the same but we can guarantee you it taste delicious. It's just the little kick to let the taste explode ;-)


Just give it a try. At the moment we always enjoy our jam with a great breakfast at our balcony on this belated summer. 


What do you do with blackberries? Just let us know...


The guys