As you all might know Barcelona is our favorite city .. We travel there as often as we can and it seems to be not enough :-(. During our visits we learned so many places to go for a drink, lunch or dinner. Mostly these locations are not the hippest ones you may go.


As the Spanish go out for dinner later than we do here in Germany sometimes the restaurant looked almost ugly and empty when walking around at 7 pm. But what happened 3 hours later was the opposite. Crowds of people everywhere with glasses of wine and fantastic smelling food.


But we do not want to talk about that great city today. And at least our recipe is not even from there ... it is from the south of Spain and originally it came from the moorish immigrants and conquerors.


Albóndigas. Seasoned meet or fish balls. They do never miss when we go out for having tapas. The brother of Sascha cooks them since a long time and they taste so great. We just prepared them the first time now. The only reason for that is that we ate them a lot and never thought about it ... But now we have our own recipe!


As we had some friends a Sunday we did twice the volume and were looking for the right pot. One was too small the other too big. So we have to give our thanks to Staub Deutschland. They had the right one ;-).


Now have a look to our recipe ...


Prepare these ingredients for 20-25 albóndigas:

500 g fresh lamb ground meat

500 g fresh ground beef 

50 g breadcrumbs

4 tsp lemon juice

2 garlic cloves, pressed

2 tsp cumin powder

3 tsp paprika powder

2 TL fresh mint, minced

2 eggs

salt & pepper


olive oil

1 big onion, diced

2 paprika (red and yellow), pitted

2 garlic cloves, pushed

200 g passata

1 tin tomatoes (225 g drained)

2 tbsp tomato paste

1/2 l dry redwine

salt & pepper

1 bunch parsley, diced

  • first of all heat the grill of your oven to the highest heat and grill the paprika
  • when the skin gets dark peel them and let cool down
  • mix in a bowl the ingredients from lamb ground meat to the eggs
  • shape 20-25 balls out of it
  • give olive oil to the pot and fry the balls until a little dark from outside - put aside
  • also fry the onions in the same pot, add the paprika cubes and the garlic
  • add the passata, tomatoes, tomato paste and redwine and bring to a boil
  • then add the meat balls, reduce the temperature when starting to boil again
  • for 30-40 minutes let it simmer and season with salt and pepper 
  • at the end stir under the parsley and serve the albóndigas

We do not need something around the meat balls, because usually we add some more tapas to our plate ;-).

Although we had guest that day we had too many of the delicious balls, so Torsten's parents and the granny had to try them the next day. His mother cooked some rice to serve with them. This meets perfectly also.



Albóndigas are one of the varieties of tapas we do like most. What are you favorite tapas when going to a Spanish restaurant or tapas bar?



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