Jambalaya (sponsored)

The 2nd day of our USA trip we came to Newport (Rhode Island). After having visited 2 light houses at the coast and after several miles walking around we got really hungry. We checked yelp to find a place for dinner, walked through the streets up and down, but that what we were looking for we didn't find. Over all Newport seemed to be a place of really expensive restaurants and we were a little frustrated. But then we came to a little and inconspicuous one "The revolving door". The menue sounded delicious and what we saw on the plates of the other guests was terrific.


So we decided to enter and asked for a table for 2; just 2 seats at the bar were available. This is not common in Germany, but we had to find out that it was our lucky strike!


The chef of the kitchen in May was Phyllis Arffa and she rocked the kitchen, as we haven't seen it often before. Sascha took salmon on a rice cake and Torsten decided to try jambalaya with different kinds of fish. It was delicious and we new to try it at home by ourselves.




For 4 persons you should prepare:

some olive oil

4 chicken cutlets w/o bones, sliced in pieces

150 g chorizo, diced

16 black tiger shrimps

4 chicken drums*

4 king prawns in carcass*

1 onion, diced

3 garlic, chopped

2 paprika, diced

2 perennial celery, diced

3 green onions, in slices

70 g tomato paste

2 tins of tomatoes in pieces

400 ml chicken broth

200 ml orange juice

220 g long corn rice (eg. basmati)

30 g black rice

1 organic lemon (zest of it)

2 tbsp honey

2 bay leaves

5 thyme branches

2 tsp smoked paprika powder

1 bunch of parsley, chopped

4 tsp slat

2 tsp pepper


* these ingredients will be grilled separately!

  • prepare all ingredients as described above
  • heat olive oil in a paella pan on the grill (or stove)
  • fry chicken pieces, shrimps and chorizo and put aside
  • add onions and garlic Torsten the pan until transparent
  • add paprika, celery and green onions and mix with a wooden spoon
  • add tomato paste and pieces (with juice) and cook slow for 5 minutes
  • then add the fried chicken, chorizo and shrimps and all other ingredients to the pan (reserve a handfull of parsley)
  • let it cook slowly for 20-25 minutes until the rice gets done - mix with the spoon sometimes
  • meanwhile grill the salted and peppered drums and king prawns
  • if some liquid is missing, add some water or orange juice
  • shortly before serving at the rest of parsley under your jambalaya

We do not having any idea about Phyllis' recipe but we have to say that if she served us our own one we would have been as exited as of her jambalaya.


That's why we just can advise you to try our tasty rice dish by yourselves. If on a grill or stove, that doesn't matter. Just doing it on you balcony or garden in the sun it is a really nice event. Additionally a glas of cold white wine and your different BBQ dinner will be perfect.


We hope you will try our recipe one day. If so, please let us know if you enjoyed it like we did ;-).


The guys