BBQ Sausage "Asia Style"

What we never want to miss for a BBQ? Sausages!! But for our BBQ-Edition together with GernekochenIzzy Moose and Baconzumsteak we didn't want to buy some, as we always show you on our blog how easy it is preparing yummy stuff by yourselves.


Inspired by our neighbor Udo we did our first ones on our own. Since ever is making his Thüringer sausages according to an old family recipe.


We startet these first ones by the main ingredients of Udo and just the seasoning came from our own creativity.


All of you how have a meat chopper at home should try to do your own sausages also. It is much easier than we thought before and it's done really quickly. The only really important is, to use high quality meat!


Let's start with our recipe ...

Grillwurst "Asia Style"_Grillen_Rezept_BBQ

Dependend on the size you should get 15-20 sausages of these ingredients:

approx. 4 m sausage casing e.g. of pork (caliber 28/30)

1 kg pork belly (w/o rind), diced

300 g veal, diced

100 g unsmoked bacon, diced

1 bunch coriander, chopped

2 red pepper, chopped

2 garlic cloves, chopped

1 big lemon (zests of it)

1 pinch sugar

1 tsp salt

1 tsp pepper

2 eggs

200 ml milk

  • prepare all ingredients, as described above
  • add all of them (except the sausage casing!) into a big bowl
  • mix all together and let rest for a while
  • meanwhile prepare your meat chopper with a 3 mm disc
  • chop the prepared meat in the chopper
  • change the chopper with the sausage attachment 
  • water the casing, carefully pull on the attachment and knot the end
  • fill steady the casing
  • press the casing when the length is right (approx. 20 cm) and spin the sausage a few times
  • proceed the same way with the remaining sausage meat

You may start directly your BBQ, as the sausages are fresher than all ones you had before ;-).


In order to storage the sausages you can freeze them in according portions. When defrosting please remind not to do it too fast. The best is to defrost overnight in your fridge.

As already remarked, the taste of your sausages depends on the quality of the meat you used. We buy our meat at the butcher next to our home.

Grillwurst "Asia Style"_Grillen_Rezept_BBQ

We will do some more experiments within the season and will store them. We will keep you informed about the news ;-).


We hope that some of you want to start preparing your own sausages for your next BBQ by your own. Tell us about your experiences ...


Tomorrow do not forget to visit our friends of Gernekochen. They will show you a real delicious recipe of their granny Sophies coleslaw ..!


The guys