Sausage with apricot & Bacon

As seen in our last post we made some homemade sausages again. It's so much fun because if you do it all on your owne there is no limit what to put inside. Your butcher normally has some great sausages but its mostly standard.


Because it's time for apricots we thought if it is not possible to use it for some sausages ... pair it with some bacon? Let us tell you it is so delicious. We just love the combination of sweet and hearty! Just check out how we did it ...



Je nach Größe bekommt ihr ca. 20 Würste aus diesen Zutaten:

approx. 5 m casing (caliber 28/30)

600 g pork belly (w/o rind), cubed

900 g pork neck, cubed

150 g smoked fat bacon, cubed

200 g bacon, cubed

1 bunch majoran, chopped

3 crushed garlic cloves

400 g  dried apricots, diced

1 tsp cumin, finely crushed

1 tsp mountain pepper, finely crushed

2 tsp salt

  • prepare all the ingredients as described above
  • put everything (except the casing) in a big bowl and mix it up
  • prepare your mincer with a 3 mm disc
  • coarsely mince one half of the meat
  • change to a finer disc and mince the second half 
  • put the sausage attachment on your mincer
  • water the casing and put it over the attachment and put a knot at the end 
  • with constant speed fill up the casing with the meat
  • if you reach the wanted length of the sausage pinch on one point and spin the sausage a few times
  • go on until all meat is used

We put the sausages into the freezer immediately because we couldn't eat so much at once.

What you should keep in mind if you want to defrost them - put them into the fridge and let them unfreeze over night.

It tastes so much better! It's the same with every frozen meat.



The perfect dip for the sausages is our Apricot-Curryketchup. If you like it more smokey try the Bourbon-BBQ Sauce it goes really well with the bacon. You can find the recipe here

If you think it's time to make some homemade sausages you should check out were you can buy the right casing.

Normally you get it at your local butcher or you can order it online.


Let us know how it worked out and what's your very own sausage creation...


The guys