Nougat ice cream with Nutella

It's time for our third and last ice cream recipe this week. We just love Nutella! Usually we don't have it at home and that's for a good reason ;-)


We can't hold ourselves back if it comes to nougat cream. Of course you can discipline yourself and put a thin layer on a toast once in a week ... but be honest!! A big spoon out of a jar to reward yourself for a hard day is so much better!


So that's the reason we only buy it if we need it for a recipe ... hmm, perhaps that's the reason we have so much recipes with Nutella included?!


But we wanted to make the ice cream with pour nougat. How we used the Nutella you can check out in our recipe.

Nougateiscreme mit Nutella_Eis_Ice cream_Eismaschine Emma_Rezept_Dessert_Eisdessert_Nutella

You need these ingredients for approx. 1,5 l of ice cream:

450 ml heavy cream

75 g milk powder

150 ml whole milk

70 g confectioners' sugar 

1 pinch salt

250 g Nougat

3 egg yolks (L)

Nutella as much as you want ;)

  • place the heavy cream and milk powder in a bowl and mix it up 
  • heat up the milk in a pot and dissolve the confectioners sugar, salt and nougat in it 
  • beat the egg yolks and slowly stir in the milk-nougat mix 
  • place everything back in the pot and heat it up until it gets thick 
  • press it through a sieve into the heavy cream mixture und mix everything up 
  • let it cool to room temperature and place it into the ice cream maker 
  • start the auto-program  
  • place 1/3 of the ice cream in a container which withstand freezing and swirl in some Nutella  
  • do the same with the other two thirds
  • put the ice cream in your freezer till it's ready to serve

You can't imagin that a homemade ice cream can be that creamy. We're still so excited about the consistency!

We could have rent an ice cart and just sell it at the park next by ... we're sure they hadn't notice that's it's not made by the next ice cream parlor :-)

Have you ever made ice cream with milk powder? Because with it your ice cream will be super creamy.

So we have a bit on stock now there will be much more creamy ice cream creations,

But now we definitely have to invite some friends for an ice cream party so we have enough space in our freezer and don't eat all the yummy ice cream by ourselves.

What's is your very own ice cream creation? Let us know.

The guys