Gin Melon sorbet

The second recipe we created for our review of the ice cream maker Emma came super spontaneously. We just invited some friends for dinner on our balcony because finally summer comes back for a day.


We prepared lots of food and bought even more stuff than needed. We think you know that ... you are walking through the supermarket and although you know it'll be only five persons you can't hold yourself or just can't decide, so you can see yourself buying nearly everything that looks delicious. At the end you bought so much stuff you could feed the whole building with all your neighbors.

We always try to stop each other from doing so but because we both love food and everything around it so much it mostly doesn't work out :-)


So it happened again. We we were at our favorite turkish grocery store and found a water melon which looked so delicious we couldn't hold ourselves and bought it. We thought some cool fresh melon never is a problem to fit in after a big barbecue.


So what happened at the end? We forgot about it although it nearly filled the whole fridge.


But the melon was really lucky ... the next day it became in combination with gin a wonderful and amazing sorbet.

Gin-Melonensorbet_Eis_Sorbet_Eismaschine Emma_Rezept_Dessert_Eisdessert

These are the ingredients for approx. 1,5 l of sorbet:

750 g melon mash (without pits)

120 g sugar

1 lemon (juice of it)

4 cl Gin

2 egg whites

  • to prepare the purée  just remove the pits and blenderize the fruit flesh
  • bring the flesh and sugar to a boil until the sugar dissolves
  • let it cool down to room temperature and add the lemon juice and gin
  • beat the egg whites and also add to the purée
  • place it in the ice cream maker
  • start the auto-program
  • place the sorbet into a container which can withstand freezing and put it in your freezer until ready to serve 

What's better on a hot summer day as letting yourself cool down by this amazing sorbet?!

So we both are gin lovers you get a little tipsiness for free ;-)

Gin-Melonensorbet_Eis_Sorbet_Eismaschine Emma_Rezept_Dessert_Eisdessert

Now it's your turn! Get yourself a watermelon and try out our recipe.

You'll be excited for sure, because it's super easy, fruity and refreshing.


We wish you lots of fun and take care.


The guys