Maple-bacon aioli

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure to be guests on the 2nd Birthday of Ria's food blog Frau Stiller backt. Ria did asked also some other foodblogger to enjoy her birthday party.


As you know we had our vacations at the east cost of the USA this year. It was our first time in New England and New York and we had a really great time there. So we did what we like most ... finding nice restaurants to get inspired by all we see and try. It was near Provincetown where we found the idea for our recipe.


Sandwiches are nothing special but the Americans know how to do it best ;-). But our post today is not the sandwich itself, it's the aioli which which we prepared our sandwich ...

Maple-Bacon Aioli_Rezept_BBQ_Saucen

The ingredients for 1 glass (approx. 250 ml):

6 slices bacon

4-6 tbsp maple syrup 

1 egg (L)*

200 ml really good olive oil*

3 garlic cloves

1 tsp lemon juice*

salt & pepper

* these ingredients should have the same temperature!!

Maple-Bacon Aioli_Rezept_BBQ_Saucen
Maple-Bacon Aioli_Rezept_BBQ_Saucen

  • preheat your bbq grill (or oven - 200°C)
  • spread each slice of bacon with maple syrup and grill/bake until crusty
  • turn the slices 1-2 times and spread again
  • let it cool down completely
  • meanwhile give the egg into a high vessel or pot, put a hand blender in it and fill in carefully the oil
  • switch on the blender and pull out slowly through the oil
  • press the garlic into the vessel, mix under together with the lemon juice and salt and pepper to taste
  • chop the cool bacon and mix under also - the dip may get a little more fluidly ... the taste will remain the same ;-)

Maple-Bacon Aioli_Rezept_BBQ_Saucen

This aioli is so delicious for everybody who loves bacon as we do and also the perfect party dip and snack when adding it to a pastrami sandwich. So we did ..! You may bake your own toast for it if you want and will have some time for it. We baked our first one some weeks ago, so you will find our sandwich toast here on our blog. If you cannot wait, you can also buy your toast off course ;-).

Maple-Bacon Aioli_Rezept_BBQ_Saucen

We hope that you like our "souvenir" from our vacation and will start immediately doing it ... Many thanks again to Ria to be guests on your really nice blog.


The guys