The summer time has come. Even if we waited for it a really long time. But nevertheless, the bad weather of the past weeks was not able to keep us off having some great BBQs.


For our last BBQ party again we created some new sausages to grill them with some nice friends. But today we do not show you that recipe. It will be posted next week. What we want to serve today is something what can be used with the BBQ sausages. Because we do need some ketchup together with them.


As there are a lot of sweet apricots on the markets at present we thought to do a ketchup with it. So we brainstormed in our kitchen, what could go with apricots. A high-class balsamic vinegar as contrast to the sweetness, jalapeño for a hot spice and curry for the kick.


Within the following months  we will show you more recipes with balsamic vinegar of Mazzetti L'Originale . Since the first event we had together with them - it was a tasting of balsamic vinegar, we are fans of their great quality.


You will see what different kinds of food can be done with such vinegars. It is not always a simple salad dressing you can use it for ...


You need these ingredients:

40 g butter

4 shallot, diced

2 garlic cloves, finely diced 

1 red jalapeño, diced

200 g yellow tomatoes, cut into halves

700 g apricots, pitted and cut into halves

4 tsp brown sugar

150 ml juice of passion fruits

1 1/2 tsp smoked salt

3 tsp yellow curry


70 ml Mazzetti Aceto Balsamico di Modena "Barrique Speciale"

  • prepare all ingredients as listed above and heat butter in a pan
  • sauté therein the dices of shallot and garlic and add the jalapeño (stir sometimes)
  • now add the tomatoes, apricots and brown sugar
  • under stirring let the sugar caramelize a bit (not too dark!)
  • deglaze with juice and season with salt, curry and tabasco
  • when broiling reduce the heat and let simmer
  • after approx. 20 minutes and stirring once in a while add the balsamic vinegar
  • let simmer for another 5 minutes and strain through a sifter
  • the hot ketchup should be filled now into hot washed bottles or glasses


All of you should decide how much of tabasco you will add to the ketchup. Just mild, hot or suicide?! Even we do always discuss about that. Sascha likes a mild spice and Torsten want's it hot or even hotter ;-).


Our friends were really stoked about our fruity apricot-curry-ketchup. It is always great to plan together and to start doing something in our kitchen.


As already announced, next week you will find on our blog our new recipe for the BBQ sausages. You got already a teaser on a photo above ;-). Our ketchup matches perfectly to it.


For the remaining weekend we wish you all the best and hope you enjoy our recipe. Let us have your comments if you also like it.


The guys