Goatcheese Ice Cream                with Figs and Balsamico


We already had two workshops about ice cream dessert and thanks to our new ice cream maker the time has come to create a bit more unusual ice cream.


We planned to develop a dessert with Balsamico by  Mazzetti L'Originale. So we started some brainstorming. Immediately we thought of goat cheese but we also wanted some fruity part in our dessert. Figs seems to be perfect so they were included too... 

This combination isn't so uncommon but to use it as a dessert promised to make lots of fun. The BBQ-Dinner invite by our lovely neighbors was the perfect moment (as so often ;-) ) to try it!


We love this moment of tension as you want to know what your friends and family thinks of your creation but now we want to show you our recipe.



You need this ingredients for nearly 1,5 l:

300 g goat cream cheese

150 g goat milk

100 g milk powder


50 g icing sugar 

150 ml goat milk

2 tbsp honey

3 egg yolk (L)

3 fresh figs

  • place the goat cream cheese, 150 g goat milk and milk powder in a bowl and mix it up 
  • heat up the milk in a pot and dissolve the confectioners sugar and add some honey
  • beat the egg yolks and slowly stir in the heated milk
  • place everything back in the pot and heat it up until it gets thick 
  • press it through a sieve into the cream cheese mixture und mix everything up 
  • let it cool to room temperature and place it into the ice cream maker 
  • add the flesh of the figs
  • start the auto-program  
  • put the ice cream in your freezer till it's ready to serve

For the balsamic reduction you need:

120 ml Mazzetti Aceto Balsamico di Modena "Barrique Speciale"

100 ml port wine

100 ml goat milk

2 tbsp brown sugar


  • place all the ingredients in a little pot and heat it up
  • bring it to a boil, let it simmer with low heat
  • stir sometimes and let it reduce till it thickened
  • fill it up into a little bottle or another container

To prepare a dessert for 4 persons:

4 fresh figs

some honey

4-5 Tbsp sesame

balsamic reduction

4 scoops goat cheese ice cream

  • roast the sesame in a pan until it gets golden and let it cool completely
  • cut the figs like a cross and grill them in the oven
  • place some balsamic reduction on your dessert plate and spread it with a brush
  • place 1 grilled fig on one side and put some honey on it 
  • roll the ball of ice cream in the sesame and also place it onto your dessert plate
  • just add some reduction on top of the ice cream and it's ready to serve 

We prepared our ice cream as a dessert today, just to show you how different a simple ice cream ball can look like after preparing it a bit.

Of course you can just eat it the way it is :-) But the balsamic reduction definitely is the extra this ice cream needs ... just amazing!!

It's like the perfect couple and we can't get enough of it. 


Have you ever reduced a really good balsamic? If not you definitely should give it a try, because it's just so much better than anything you can buy. A plus side is that you can vary the ingredients just as you need it for your dish.


We would be happy if you try our recipe and wish you lots of fun with it ...



The guys