Zucchini cake in glasses

Again we were at the garden of Torsten's mom and could harvest a little bit ;-). This time she had more than enough of fresh zucchini. As she did not know where to give them and how to use them all at once we helped her with her "problem" ..!


The best of them are those which are not yet really big. The smaller ones have the best taste and were right waiting for us. We found an old recipe of her and changed it a little bit so we can show you today what we did. 


Do you know the moment when some guests are calling to come for a coffee within a short time? There is nothing at home you can serve. So we thought that this recipe would be the best for baking some cakes in glasses in order to have cake at home for all our unscheduled guests.


Come on and see what and how we prepared our new recipe ...

Zucchini-Kuchen im Glas_Rezept_Backen_Geschenkidee

The ingredients for 20 preserving glasses of each 140 ml:

3 eggs

240 g zucchini, roughly grated

100 g brown sugar

300 g white sugar

200 ml rapsseed oil

1 pckg. vanilla sugar

360 g all purpose flour

1 tsp cinnamon

2 tbsp cocoa powder

1 big pinch baking powder

1 tsp baking soda

1/2 tsp salt

50 g walnuts, ground

  • mix together all ingredients in a bowl and the batter is ready
  • preheat the oven to 190°C
  • fill hot water into the clean glasses for a minute and empty them
  • also cook the lids and gum rings for a while
  • spread the batter to the 20 glasses and pay attention that the top will not get dirty
  • bake the glasses (w/o lid) for approx. 23 minutes and let them cool for 3 minutes on a cake grid
  • seal the glasses with the gum ring, lid and clips
Zucchini-Kuchen im Glas - Rezept
Zucchini-Kuchen im Glas - Rezept

If the glasses are correctly closed the cake should be best for half a year.

Zucchini-Kuchen im Glas - Rezept

You can do the following test in order to know if the glasses are perfectly locked.

Take a cold glass, open the clips and rase the glass at the lid. If nothing happens the cake is closed and now air can circulate. Otherwise you can be lucky because you can immediately eat the cake ;-).

Zucchini-Kuchen im Glas - Rezept
Zucchini-Kuchen im Glas - Rezept

Store the cakes at a cool and dark place. They will remain moistly until you enjoy them. This time we did not have enough for any storage as Sascha did bring the glasses to his office and they were over within a couple of minutes ;-).

It seemed that our cakes were the perfect gift for the office colleagues and it tasted really great. So we hope that you will try to bake them also.   For yourself our as present for some friends or you family. 


The guys