triple chocolate cake

It is a Sunday afternoon and all the things you wanted to do are done ..! What should be better than having a long walk in the sunshine or just having a lazy time in the sun?! Or if it is raining to read a book or watch a film together with your sweetheart?!


Maybe we both are a little bit different ..! When we're normally would have some time to relax one of us is always checking out what kind of ingredients we have in stock. After a while we find something nice and the first ideas pop up. To cook something spontaniosly is not so easy because you don't have all the needed fresh ingredients at home.


But if you find lots of different kinds of chocolate it's a completely different story! Flour, eggs and stuff is always on stock so it was obvious to make a moist chocolate cake. Sascha is not the type of guy who finds it easy to make a decision, so it was not so easy to decide which chocolate to use ... so we just used all of it :)


The next question was who should eat it with us?? We don't wanted to eat the whole thing alone ... although we could :-P

So our colleagues are always happy to try our sweets and like we describe before the situation about making decisions, we just made two cakes so we both could take one with us to the office... 

Triple Chocolate Cake_Kuchen_Rezept_backen

Für 2 spring forms (21 cm) you need:

350 ml hot Water

200 g dark chocolate coating

180 ml rap seed oil

350 ml whole milk


330 g all-purpose flour

450 g sugar

1 tbsp Baking Soda

1 1/2 tsp  baking powder

1 1/2 tsp  salt

1 tbsp vanilla sugar


each 100 g Chocolate (white, milk and dark chocolate)


400 g milk chocolate coating

130 ml heavy cream

Triple Chocolate Cake_Kuchen_Rezept_backen
  • in a bowl melt the dark chocolate coating in hot water and add the oil and milk
  • in another bowl mix flour to vanilla sugar
  • add the eggs and the fluid mixture to the flour mix and stir all together until the batter gets smooth
  • preheat the oven to 155°C, put baking paper to the forms and grease the frames
  • spread the batter to the forms and bake for 25 minutes
  • in the meantime cut pieces out of the 3 kinds of chocolate and put aside
  • the milk chocolate coating cut into small pieces and heat the heavy cream - stop before cooking
  • give the coating pieces to a high vessel and pour over the hot cream - wait for 3 minutes and then stir carefully (no bubbles should appear) - cool down
  • after the 1st baking period divide the chocolate on the top of the cakes and bake again for 30 minutes
  • let them chill on a cake grid, put out of the form and spread the ganache over the top

Triple Chocolate Cake_Kuchen_Rezept_backen

There are 2 ways ... to eat the cake immediately with the liquid ganache or to store it over night in your fridge and to serve it the next day really cool. For us this is much more deliciously ..!

Triple Chocolate Cake_Kuchen_Rezept_backen

Even if you can buy fruits everywhere and you might bake a nice cake of them or to prepare other lovely sweets of them, for us chocolate is one of the favorites and we can bake cakes of it all the time!


What do you like most to your coffee? Something of chocolate or the fruity way of cake? Let us know ;-).


The guys