Black Forest Cake

Times ago we already told you about the favorite cakes of grandpa ... one was grandma's Frankfurt Crown Cake and the other her Black Forest Cake.


Although we already baked it often each time we forgot to put our recipe to the blog. Sometimes it's crazy ... you do bake a cake for several times and do not think in so important things ;-).


However, today we are ready to show you or cake! The only difference is that grandma baked it round and we decided to do it as a rectangular version so that everybody can cut slices of the wanted size ... 

Schwarzwälder Kirschschnitten_Torte_Rezept_backen

Ingredients for a cake springform (37x24 cm):

The dough:

210 g dark couverture chocolate

110 g butter

9 egg yolk

270 g sugar

9 egg white

150 g all purpose flour

75 g cornstarch

3 tsp baking powder


and for the filling and topping:

2 glasses cherries (not dripped off, approx. 680 g each)

2 sachet red cake glaze

20-30 ml cherry brandy (if wanted ...)


500 ml creme

2 sachets vanilla sugar

2 sachets whipping creme stiffener


50 g grated chocolate 

Schwarzwälder Kirschschnitten_Torte_Rezept_backen
  • over water vapor melt the couverture and butter and let cool down
  • preheat the oven to 175°C and put baking parchment into your springform
  • beat the egg yolks with sugar until fluffy and the egg whites in another bowl until stiffly
  • the almost cold but runny chocolate beat under the egg yolk mix 
  • mix flour, starch and baking powder in a bowl and stir also under it
  • at last carefully lift the beated egg whites und the dough, fill into the springform and smooth down
  • bake for approx. 40 minutes - do a test with a wooden stick
  • let cool down and cut into 2 cake bases (the lower one may be a little thicker)
  • meanwhile drain the cherries (keep the juice) and put aside the nicest ones for the topping
  • beat cream with vanilla sugar and whipping creme stiffener until stiffly in a bowl
  • in a pot heat the juice, stir under the cake glaze and bring to a boil for a moment
  • put the lower base into the spring form and soak it with cherry brandy (alternatively sugar water)
  • prepare the cherries on the cake and spread the jellied juice on top
  • now spread the cream over the cherries and put the 2nd base on them
  • put some cream also on that base - the rest of the cream give into a pastry bag, decorate your cake and put the stored cherries on top
  • the cake should be cooled down over night in your fridge

If somebody does not have such a big form to bake our cake, just take a half of our recipe and use a usual round spring form.

Schwarzwälder Kirschschnitten_Torte_Rezept_backen

Maybe our recipe and our pictures could inspire you to bake our cake also for you and your families or friends.


If you also have a cake that never should be missing on you own birthday party, please let us know what cake it is. We would be glad to hear from your own favorites ;-).


So far we wish a great time while baking our black forest cake ...


The guys