Mango creamcheese Cake

Summer time is mango time ... so what is better than baking a nice tart of these yummy fruits?!


Without having any plan how our cake should be prepared, we started to bake "something" in our kitchen. But during doing it the cake evolved piece by piece. Cooking or baking like this is one of our favorite ways of working together. Just having a clue what to do and to see what will be the result of all ... This means having fun in our kitchen ;-).


On Saturday we were invited to a BBQ at the new flat of some friends, so the dessert was already prepared. We were 5 persons and half of the cake was eaten even after the big dinner ... so we think that our fresh white & yellow cake was the right decision to bring with us ...


The ingredients for a springform of 28 cm:

For the baked pastry case:

200 g sugar

5 eggs

1 lemon (zest of it)

200 g all purpose flour

50 g corn flour

2 pinch baking powder

80 g butter

  • beat the eggs and sugar warm in a bain-marie until fluffy
  • then beat the semi-fluid for 10 minutes until cold and firm
  • add the zests meanwhile
  • melt butter and put aside
  • in a bowl mix flour, corn flour and baking powder
  • add the flour mix to the firm egg mass and fold carefully under with a wooden spoon and then the butter
  • heat your oven to 180°C and put baking paper in your springform
  • fill the batter into the form and flatten it
  • bake for around 45 minutes and test with a wooden stick
  • cool down the cake upside down on a grid
  • when cold, take it our of the form and cut into 2 cases
  • if the surface is not straight just cut it

for the creme:

600 g creme cheese

200 g finely granulated sugar

8 g vanilla sugar

1 lemon (juice of it)

30 g instant gelatin

300 g creme

40 g whip-it

2 egg whites (beaten egg whites)

  • in a bowl mix creme cheese until lemon juice
  • whisk under the instant gelatin
  • beat creme with whip-it in a bows and the egg whites firm in another one
  • fold both under the cream cheese mix and put into the fridge

for the mango glaze and the filling:

2 mangos (pulp of it)

2 tbsp. instant gelatin


1 mango (in slices)

  • mash the pulp of 2 mangos with the instant gelatin to get a fine puree

and for the decoration:

300 g creme

60 g  whip-it

2 tsp. sugar

  • beat the cream, sugar and whip-it firm
  • fill 2/3 of the beaten cream into a pastry bag with big star nozzle and the rest in another with a smaller nozzle and put into the fridge
  • take the bottom case and spread 1/3 of the cream cheese mixture all over it
  • place the mango slices on top and spread the 2nd part of the cream over it
  • put the upper case on the cream and cover the complete cake with the remaining creme
  • apply the puree over the top of the cake 
  • cool down in the fridge and decorate with the whipped cream - on the photos you can see how we did it
  • the cake should rest in your fridge for a few hours or overnight


Our first idea was to bake a usual sponge cake but much better was our second one ... viennese Biskuit. It is more moist and is the perfect cake for a fruity and creamy cake. You can taste the difference!

Maybe we could inspire you with our recipe to bake this cake for the upcoming weekend ... so lets get all the ingredients. You will see that it is done really easily!


We wish you all a nice and sunny mango weekend,


The guys