Peanut Butter cake

Everybody should already know that we love peanut butter in combination with chocolate.

So we just did it again and created a cake with our beloved ingredients!


It was just spontaneously and we started a little Late-Night-Bakingsession, so that Sascha was able to bring to his colleagues a little treat. As we didn't want Torstens colleagues to become jealous we just baked two cakes so that everybody could enjoy it.


Both offices really liked it and that's what makes us so happy at the end. A big part of our passion is to bring joy to others and make them lucky!! That this wonderful combination of creamy chocolate icing and crunchy peanuts would make everybody satisfactory was obvious :-)


So if you want to put a smile on your loved ones faces, here is our recipe:


For 1 cake pan you need:

170 g butter

100 g peanut butter, creamy

200 g sugar

eggs (L)

50 g Peanuts, chopped

200 g milk chocolate, chopped

300 g all-purpose flour  

8 g  baking powder

100 ml whole milk


Ingredients for the icing:

200 g milk and/or dark chocolate

100 ml heavy cream

1 tbsp butter

  • preheat your oven to 180°C
  • mix the butter, peanut butter and sugar until creamy
  • mix in the eggs one after another
  • in a second bowl whisk the flour and baking powder until well combined
  • set the milk aside and roughly chop the peanuts and chocolate 
  • mix the dry ingredients and the milk one after another into the egg mixture and end with the dry ingredients 
  • fold in the peanuts and chocolate 
  • place the dough into the buttered cake pan and bake it for round about 60 minutes 
  • test with a skewer
  • chop the chocolate and place it into a bowl 
  • just heat up the heavy cream and butter until it's short before boiling 
  • pour the hot cream over the choclate and let it set for nearly 3 minutes 
  • mix it all together until you get a smooth icing
  • spread it over the lightly warm cake 
  • decorate it with some more chopped peanuts

If you think milk chocolate is too sweet you can also use dark chocolate only. You also can use salted peanuts, because as you should know it's a great combination to the chocolate!


We hope you like our todays' recipe. We're sure we have to bake that cake more often because some colleagues already asked for more :-)


We wish you a wonderful and sunny day


the guys