Maybe you already knew that our 4th and last post of our BBQ-Edition (together with Gernekochen, Izzymoose and baconzumsteak) should be something SWEET ;-).


We have to confess that we did not use a barbecue for it, but nevertheless it is the perfect dessert after a nice BBQ party.


Both of us love waffles in all kinds and flavors. As one of his Christmas presents, Torsten got a new waffle iron for Belgian waffles and we tested it already a few times. So, why not baking some as dessert?!


As cronuts are famous since a long time, the combination of waffles and donuts is not yet very known in Germany. So we decided to do it ... wonuts!



We wonder if you'll like our variation with placed bacon slices ...


For 7 Belgian waffles (14 wonuts) you may have:

For the dough:

240 g all purpose flour

1,5 tsp baking powder

1 tsp baking soda

1/2 tsp salt

335 g sour creme

120 ml milk

2 eggs (L)

4 tbsp sugar

1 tsp vanilla sugar

50 g butter, melted


For the topping:

10 slices bacon

some tbsp maple syrup


and additionally:

confectioner sugar

maple syrup

a little water

  • mix all ingredients for the dough (except butter) in a bowl and beat until dough is smooth
  • then add the butter and mix under
  • preheat your waffle iron, bake the waffles and let them cool down
  • preheat the oven Torsten 200°C
  • spread syrup to both sides of the bacon slices and bake until crispy
  • turn them a few times and spread again with maple syrup
  • when crispy let them cool down on a paper towel
  • meanwhile heat oil in a pot
  • prick out donuts from the waffles, bake them for a minute in the hot oil and let them also cool down on a paper towel
  • prepare an icing of confectioners sugar, maple syrup (eventually a litte bit of water) and spread the wonuts with it
  • no you can start serving ... combine wonuts and bacon

To be honest, these donuts are something special and substantial ... but got a yummylicious taste so that you have to prepare them by your own ;-).



We already have baked them twice and our friends enjoyed them! We also fry the smaller remaining pricking parts and spread them with icing. So everybody on your party can choose the wanted size of wonuts.


However, you can start preparing your wonuts right now. Your guests will love them ..!


The guys