M&M Brownies

We are now back at home for a complete week and already had a great weekend with 2 weddings to celebrate. Due to all the inspirations during our vacation, within the following months we will show you some american recipes which we will do in our own way.


Not to forget we will send a big "Thank you" to the 4 guys Kevin (Law of baking), Markus (Backbube), Patrick (Ich mach's mir einfach) und Tobias (Der Kuchenbäcker). They represented us on our blog during the past 3 weeks with some delicious American recipes.


As Tobi startet with a yummy fudge brownie, today we welcome you also with some brownies as we did bring with us some M&M peanutbutter which we like so much.

M&M Brownies_USA_Rezept_Gebäck_backen

Recipe for a cake pan 30x38 cm:

300 g

250 g

250 g

140 g

1 tsp

2 tsp


150 g

100 g

300 g

butter, melted


brown sugar


sea salt

vanilla flavor

eggs (L)

all purpose flour

dark chocolate, melted

M&M's peanutbutter


  • preheat your oven up to 160° C
  • grease the pan and lay out the bottom with parchment paper
  • whisk the melted butter with sugar, cocoa, salt and vanilla flavor
  • add the eggs under the butter mixture
  • add the flour and beat until combined
  • mix under the melted chocolate and 2/3 of the M&M's
  • pour batter into the prepared pan and give the remaining M&M's on the top of the batter
  • bake for approx. 25-30 minutes
  • do a test with a wooden skewer (brownies should remain fudgy!)
  • cool down the brownies and cut into slices

If peanutbutter M&M's are not available you also can try our recipe with other sorts as chocolate or peanut. All of you who also like that sort may understand that we had to include them to our brownies ;-).


We hope that you like our recipe and you will try to bake them by yourselves.


The guys