Whisky Chocolate Cupcakes

The today's recipe for these little fairy cakes does not have anything to do with our vacation, because we already created them a time before ;-).


In our family there are some whisky lovers as Saschas brother, father and also Torsten himself. That's why at all reunions of our family some old and new whisky will find their recipients ;-). But that stuff is not only good as a drink - it's also perfectly used as topping or for some baked cakes.


We baked these ones for our latest reunion and served it together with other cakes and coffee and have been a perfect foretaste for the later evening ;-).


Whisky Schoko Cupcakes_Backen_Rezept

For approx. 12 cupcakes (or 24 minicupcakes) you need:

For the batter:

130 g

130 g


250 g

60 g

1/2 tsp.

8 g

1 tsp.

50 ml

70 ml



eggs (L)

all-purpose flour



baking powder

baking soda

heavy cream


For the topping:

2 packages

6 tbs.

750 ml

200 g

2 tbs.

chocolate custard powder




confectioners' sugar


and some more confectioners' sugar and some whisky for the icing ;-)

  • prepare the pudding as shown on the package description but with the reduced volume of milk - then cool down to room temperature - put some foil on the top to prevent skin formation
  • then start with the cupcakes and preheat the oven to 170°C
  • beat the margarine and sugar until fluffy
  • add the eggs one by one and go on beating
  • in a bowl mix the flour, cocoa, salt, baking powder and soda and in another bowl cream and whisky
  • while stirring add both mixtures in turn - start and end with the dry ingredients
  • spread the batter into the cups in your muffin pan and bake for 16 minutes (minis for 11 minutes)
  • cool down on a cake grid and start to prepare the topping
  • butter and pudding MUST have room temperature
  • beat the butter until fluffy and white
  • during this, whisk the pudding until creamy
  • with a tablespoon add the pudding (one by one) to the butter - still whisking
  • fill butter cream into a pastry bag and decorate your muffins
  • from confectioners' sugar and whisky mix an icing and trickle on each cupcake
Whisky-Schoko Cupcakes_Backen_Rezept
Whisky Schoko Cupcakes_Backen_Rezept

Whisky Schoko Cupcakes_Backen_Rezept

Those of you who want to get a little drunk also should start baking our cupcakes immediately. A glass of whisky can be served instead of coffee ;-)


We hope you like our new recipe and enjoy the cupcakes as we do ...


The guys