Sandwich Toastbrot

Baking a tasty toast was one of our tasks since a longer time. Especially because it is not really difficult. But as we do not eat white bread really often it took its time.


Why we did it for our today's post is because we will be guests on another foodblog soon, to celebrate its 2nd birthday. Our toast will be a part of our post ... so wait for it ... we will keep you informed what we will do and how will be the according foodblog.


Now let's start with the new recipe of our delicious toast ...

Sandwich Toast_Rezept_Backen

For a big loaf pan you need:

500 g

10 g

250 g

35 g

35 g

45 g

20 g

20 g


some more

all purpose flour







fresh yeast


butter (to butter after baking)


(as buttermilk until sugar will be given into one pot all volumes are stated in gram!)

  • mix flour and salt in a bowl
  • heat all other ingredients (except yeast) in a little pot until lukewarm
  • stir until everything has been melted
  • add yeast and melt it also
  • add the mixture to the flour and let it rest for 5 minutes
  • knead the dough for 10 minutes
  • for 60 minutes let the dough go - a dish towel on the top at a warm place
  • put the dough on the floured work surface, press it carefully to a rectangle and fold from the long sides to the middle - than from the short sides also
  • put it into your loaf pan (approx. 28 cm) and let it go for another 60 minutes, covered by a dish towel at a warm place
  • before the end, preheat you oven to 200°C and bake the toast for 30 minutes
  • take it our of the pan and bake for another 15 minutes (covered with aluminium foil)
  • while cooling down butter the top of the toast with smooth butter

You may have your own preferences what to use as topping of such a fresh toast. If with butter and jelly or toasted with egg or as sandwich topped with delicious stuff. You also may do some crispy croutons of it and serve it to your salad. Saschas first idea what to do with it is french toast ;-) ... thick sliced, soaked with egg mixture and fried in a pan.

We hope that you enjoy our easy but yummy recipe and maybe you next will bake you toast by yourselves. Let us know whether it tasted as we think.


The guys